Valencia City and the surrounding areas are hugely popular and are highly accessible, with plenty of flights to and from Valencia airport. Thanks to the feedback from our clients, we can suggest a few hotels to help make your trip to Spain more comfortable, easy and hassle-free. 

Check our suggestions for hotels in the Valencia area below. 

(Note: Map is for representative purposes only and does not provide exact locations.)

How are you planning to get around?

Valencia is easily accessed from Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe, with plenty of flights to and from Valencia Airport. If you are arriving by plane, you may consider renting a car.

Please, bear in mind that we don’t work directly with any of the hotels or car companies suggested here and that HomeEspaña isn’t responsible for any bad experiences with any of the suggested companies. We are only recommending them, as we have previous acknowledged positive feedback on their services. 

Many of our clients have acclaimed these two options for car rental in the Valencia area: