A second home in Montroy, Valencia!

Viv and Rik from Ghent, Belgium, recently bought a villa in the Valencia region. The couple had been thinking of ​​buying something in Spain for a long time and, with the help of HomeEspaña, found a suitable house with a swimming pool in Montroy. For now it is going to be their second home, mainly to be used as a holiday home, but they intend to more time here after their retirement.

Viv: “In about three years we will both retire, then we will have more time. At the moment we still have a full life in Belgium with work, children and grandchildren. We have a son and a daughter, both in their thirties, and each of them has a son, so we are proud and happy grandparents. But when the opportunity arose to buy a second home in Spain, we did not hesitate. ”

Viv and Rik chose the region around Valencia to find their home. Rik: “We absolutely did not want a house in a very touristy region, preferring a bit quieter and very Spanish, and we therefore chose the Valencia region in the first place. We liked it there. We spent many a winter’s evening searching the internet, and the HomeEspaña website kept coming up, just like the house we eventually bought.

The couple from Flanders traveled to Spain at the beginning of February and visited three houses that matched their criteria and budget. This visit was successful and that same week they decided to go for it and put in a bid. 

Rik: “We immediately made an offer on the third house, our purchase, which was quickly accepted through negotiation via HomeEspaña. All communication with HomeEspaña went smoothly, nothing was too much, all questions were answered almost immediately. Both Nayla and her colleagues who helped us in the early stages do their work very professionally, but always in a friendly and customer-oriented way. As brand new buyers, we were always reassured whenever we felt worried about something. It was Friday and quite late, but we were still taken to the office in Valencia to arrange all the papers. An appointment was immediately made with a lawyer for the following day. It was all very pleasant.”

The villa with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in Montroy, with an asking price of €165,000, was selected by Viv and Rik because it is a fairly recent home, light and spacious, and equipped with a large terrace and private swimming pool. They purposely chose a home without a garden.

Rik: “We certainly didn’t want a renovation project, we don’t have the time or the desire for it. And since we can only come three times a year for now, maintenance of a garden is not possible either. So this house is perfect for what we were looking for.”

The aftersales of HomeEspaña were a welcome service throughout the entire process. Viv: “We continue to contact you, even now, after the purchase. We are also very satisfied with the handyman who was recommended to us.”

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