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Sponsorship Announcement: Dragon Boat Marina Valencia

HomeEspaña is delighted to announce our sponsorship of Dragon Boat Marina Valencia. We have decided to support Dragon Boat Marina Valencia as this team links in very well with a lot of HomeEspaña’s values: Effort, dedication, teamwork, energy and fun all put together in this great group of women!

About Dragon Boat Marina Valencia

Dragon Boat Marina Valencia was created in September 2018 as a therapeutic initiative for female survivors of cancer, initially breast but later welcomed all cancer survivors.

The team aims to provide an environment both for physical and social rehabilitation to its members, after the painful journey of overcoming cancer.

Dragon Boat Marina Valencia is the first team in Valencia composed of cancer survivors, competing with other Dragon Boat teams in this category known as BCS-ACS. HomeEspaña has decided to support them while they compete across the Costa Blanca, Murcia and Valencia.

Formed within Marina Valencia Sailing Club, competition and teamwork has proven to have made the team and its members stronger, braver and even more determined than ever before. Dragon Boat Marina Valencia hope to spread this philosophy of life to others that have suffered with cancer by welcoming other survivors on to the team.

We wish them the best of luck in their competitions this season!

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